Artwork by unknown creator

“Have you ever been to the 300th floor of Hikiri Tower?” she asked in between sips of neurosoda.

“No, I don’t believe I have,” he said.

“The air smells different up there. Clean. And I saw a bird once.”

He tried to watch her eyes through the darkened hyperkit lenses and it didn’t look like she was joking.

“A bird!? No. Really? I haven’t seen one since I was a kid.”

“Yeah, it was just hanging out in a corner getting shelter from the winds. EM is weird up there too. Like, I tried uploading a video of the bird…

Artwork by Dangiuz

There it is, she thought to herself, squinting against the tunnel wind to eye the many-ringed behemoth in the distance. That’s where the prick lives.

Her calves ached from magno-walking the outer shell of the orbital transitway for hours. She’d had the bright idea of hiring a taxi drone to cover the distance, but then had a not so bright slip up. In a rush to leave before that week’s round of EBA sweeps, she’d accidentally loaded her card with credits with a crypto that was… questionable in its ability to hold value for more than a few hours. …

This is my theory of the two fundamental types of interviews.

The first type happens when you get the sense the interviewer or the company is looking for gaps, looking for mistakes, and generally seeing the interview process as a gauntlet to be endured. Typical of these kinds of interviews are the presence of trivia questions and puzzle hoops to jump through that bear little resemblance to the work you’d actually be doing on the job. These interviews are adversarial and unpleasant. Some examples from earlier in my career of these interviews were being yelled at for imperfect Java syntax…

First, buy a domain name.

Once you have your domain, go to Route 53 in the AWS console and create a new Hosted Zone. Be aware that this costs $0.50/month.

Click into your record set. It’ll have an NS record. Click on that to find your name servers.

Aaron Shaver

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